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I have never had to use the services of a Private Investigator so I didn't know what to expect when I found myself in a situation where I needed one. I called Morrow Detective Agency because I had six days to locate and have served with court papers an individual who had quit his job, moved out of his house and basically disappeared in an attempt to evade and avoid an upcoming financial judgement. When I talked to Steve Morrow on the phone his demeanor was very professional and he immediately put me at ease. He confidently told me that this was something that he could do. My wife and I hired Steve Morrow on a Friday morning and by 4pm of the same day he had located this individual. This individual was found to be living out of the area so Mr. Morrow quickly used his contacts to find someone in the area where the individual was living to serve him the court papers. Long story short the individual was served within the six day period that we had to work with. Not only did Steve Morrow work miracles in a short time frame but he consistently communicated with us to inform us of the progress of our assignment. He also stayed on top of all aspects of the process from beginning to end. This is an amazing work ethic and professionalism that is hard to find these days in any profession. If like me you one day find yourself in a situation on where you need the services of a Detective Agency then Morrow Detective Agency unequivocally, hands down is the agency you need to hire.

Thank you Steve for your professionalism, great communication skills and effective results.
Glenn and Rosa Graziano

“To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Connie Escamilla and I would like to share my experience that I had with Morrow Detective Agency. I was lucky enough to have found the Agency through a great friend of mine. I had been trying to find my biological father for many years, which was unsuccessful. I was indecisive in calling, not knowing what the outcome would be. Once I called I spoke with Investigator Steve, who quickly made me feel at ease. I felt comfortable enough to pursue the investigation even though I was fearful. I only provided Investigator Steve minimal information about my father and within days I received a call. He called to let me know that he had already found my father and siblings, which I never thought I had. I was in total shock to hear the news. I could not believe what he was telling me. The excitement on his voice assured me that it was great news. At that moment I knew I had made the right decision. He explained to me that my father and siblings had been searching for me as well. I felt so relieved to hear those words. Investigator Steve provided me with one of my siblings phone number and within hours I was meeting my father for the very first time, after 30 years. I was so amazed on how much I resembled him. The emotions that I was experiencing at that moment were unexplainable. I felt so overwhelmed, yet excited. My father and I have caught up on lost times. I could honestly say we have such a great relationship. I have been so blessed. All this could not have been possible if it wasn’t for Morrow Detective Agency. I owe my sense of completeness to Morrow Detective Agency, because now that other part of me is no longer missing.

Sincerely, with lots of love and thanks!
Connie Escamilla

Steve Morrow helped in providing enlightening information – It was information that helped us in a time we needed to know who and what we were dealing with. Through the financial downward spiral, like many of us were enduring, it was a matter of wading through a quicksand of financial turmoil. We had lost our father, months prior to the incident, only to compound the burdens and difficulties we were already experiencing. With the loss of a 2nd income, my mother was contending with the lender in a modification process, which was another nightmare story of itself. The modification process was long and labor intensive, and created levels of stress no one should have to experience. In the process it took to perfect the modification, my mother’s home was in default and had a trustee sale date, which is public record. We had numerous real estate agents and brokers inquiring, by mail and cold call visits, all of whom were advertising assistance. One, in particular, was very assertive and confident he can assist. The day my mother’s home was pulled from Trustee Sale by the lender, only to be postponed, literally at the last moment, giving no time to post any public notice of the withdrawal. This broker shows up the day of the Trustee Sale, after the scheduled time the sale was to take place. This person was asking many questions, in which my mother was not prepared to answer. This is where Steve Morrow comes in. Upon research, Steve uncovered some interesting facts about the broker, which led me to believe were questionable business practices. I felt better informed and more at ease with the information Steve Morrow was able to provide. It was an advantage to myself and my family to make a sound decision about who we were dealing with. In closure, we were fortunately able to save my mother’s home by executing a modified loan, in effect, cancelling the Trustee Sale. In the event we were not able to get the lender to perfect the modification, the broker would, definitely, not have been the alternative, having certain background information about the broker disclosed to myself by Steve Morrow.

Thank you, Steve!
George Marquez

I have a daughter who will be 9 this year, who has never met her biological father. I have not spoken with him since I was 5 ½ months pregnant, and he has made zero attempt to have anything to do with my daughter. As many stories like this go, I was on county assistance after giving birth to my daughter and the county automatically has their clients fill out paperwork for child support. Child support was unable to get any information on this guy and he seemed to just slip through the cracks in the system. I even found him on Myspace and Facebook, yet they were unwilling to do anything about it and closed my case after 3 years of no response from him.
I was introduced to Steve Morrow through a friend. Steve was able to find so much information on this guy and even found a court summons from another woman who has a daughter that is only 1 day younger than my daughter by the same man!! Now knowing that my daughter has a sister, has caused my attention to the whole thing to change.
I cannot express my gratitude enough to Steve and Morrow Detective Agency. I have been stressed over my daughter’s emotional well being for years and have been extremely hesitant to open up a can of worms. Steve’s insight into cases such as mine, as well as his character and knowledge has been a great relief to me. I will absolutely recommend his services to anyone that has a need for a GREAT private investigator. Steve is YOUR guy. God bless you Steve for all your help and kindness.

Thank you for letting me share.

My name is Cheryl Ramirez and I want to share my story and experience I have with Morrow Detective Agency. A friend of mine through work heard my story about trying to find my biological Mom for almost 30 years. I went into work that day for a meeting. Normally, I work from home. That day, a friend in my group handed me a card and coincidently, it turned out to be another friend within our department whose husband, that runs Morrow detective agency.
Of course I was thinking yeah right, "If i couldn't find my mom after all these years, then they couldn't either". I decided to contact my friend's husband. Again I was hesitant and realized, what have I got to lose. I faxed all the info I could remember of my mom to Mr. Steve Morrow. Within an hours time of faxing to Morrow Detective Agency, Steve informed me he was on the case and would keep me posted from this point on. I had indicated to Steve that my sister and myself have been looking for nearly 30 years and we tried everything to find her. My mom left 5 kids behind oldest child being 12 and youngest 5. We did however reconnect with my mom's side of the family 5 months ago and hadn't talked to them or seen them since i was 8, now 37. They were trying to find my mom too. There was a family emergency of not knowing how much longer my mom's mom (my grandmother) has to live. Through Steve's dilligence and hard work, he contacted her neighbors and would have contacted the church if necessary. He was able to get a hold of a neighbor that lived down the street 5 houses down. He provided the neighbor his info for my mom to contact him. Not even a few hours after, my mom called Steve. Not before 4 pm that same day he called me and said he just talked to my mom. I was in amazement and shock at the same time. Of course, being the emotional person I am, I fell apart. I didn't expect the Agency to find her so quickly.
The thought of knowing she was alive and well made me feel relieved. Steve had indicated my mom would be calling me. Later that night, I found out my mom "friended" my sister on Facebook and my sister called me right away. Then she Facebooked everyone in the family. The next morning my mom sent my sister an email with her cell phone number. She stated for her to give me the number as well and wait a couple days so she can be ready emotionally to talk. I am happy to say we have been chatting back and forth on facebook.
This is a good start and a new beginning. If it weren't for me going into work that day and finding a person you can trust like Steve with Morrow Detective Agency, I would still be looking for my mom today.
I have to say a piece of my life has been missing for many years and never understood why my mom left. That piece of my life is no longer missing. I am so anxious and excited at the same time to see my mom and catch up on lost time.Thank you Steve for bringing my family back together again.


My husband and I want to share our story and the experience we had with Morrow Detective Agency.
We were trying to buy a car, we found a guy who worked at an auction, he got us two cars the first one was a Jetta as soon as we drove it we noticed that the transmission wasn’t working, he told us that he was going to sell the car again and get us a better one, we left it with him thinking that he really wanted to help us of course that wasn’t his idea, as we waited we decided to buy another car as I needed one for work. He got us a BMW it worked perfectly and he told us that as soon as the auction mailed him the title he would send it to us, we waited and waited until we finally called him, he would say that the auction hadn’t sent the title to him or he would make an excuse for both cars. At the end he told us that the auction had sold the Jetta without his permission. At this point we were desperate and didn’t know what to do, we went to the DMV and Police Station and nobody could help us!! My sister heard my situation and told me about Morrow Detective Agency I called and explained to investigator Steve Morrow my situation, he told me what I needed to do and said that everything was going to be fine and we would get our money and title for the car back. Morrow Detective Agency was able to locate the salesman that had been evading us for quite a while. We filed a small claim and took the guy to court and won the case! We got our money and the title for the other car. Morrow Detective Agency is awesome. I will recommend them to anyone that needs help.

Thank you Morrow Detective Agency you have been a great help for us we don’t have words to thank you what you have done.
Mr. and Mrs. Picasso

I advertised a boat and trailer for sale in the San Diego, CA area. I was contacted by a buyer from the Phoenix, AZ area and we arranged to meet. The buyer wanted to buy the boat but said he didn't have enough to pay my total asking price. I offered to accept a down payment and the balance in payments. We prepared a sales and purchase agreement, signed in front of a Notary Public, the buyer made a down payment, and took possession of the boat and trailer. That was the last I saw of heard from the buyer. Fortunately I was referred to Steve at Morrow Detective Agency and I asked Steve to assist me in locating my property. With the limited information on the buyer, some of it falsified by the buyer, Steve was able to locate my boat in Arizona. The only information I had was the buyers first and last name, his AZ drivers license number, an address where, he no longer resided and a reference name and address. With this limited information Steve located my property in what I considered to be a very short time, in a totally unrelated city in Arizona. I found Steve to be extremely professional, courteous and diligent. He kept me updated on a daily basis as to the results of his ongoing investigation and worked with the repossession company in Arizona who eventually recovered the boat and trailer. He showed sincere consideration for my situation and his efforts in assisting me were demonstrated by the result of his expertise in investigative methods. I was very surprised that Steve prevailed in finding my boat and trailer, and equally surprised by what I consider to be a very reasonable fee for his efforts, which were extensive.

Thank you Steve for your concentrated efforts and result.
Tom Miller

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